Where is the Encouragement?

Think of us as servants of Christ who have been given the work of explaining God’s mysterious ways. And since our first duty is to be faithful to the one we work for, it doesn’t matter to me if I am judged by you or even by a court of law. In fact, I don’t judge myself. 1 Corinthians 4:1-3 (CEV)
The mission and vision of Bible Study Paths is to encourage enthusiastic Bible study in individuals and in the Church. It is to help us acknowledge the hunger and questions inside of us that can only be fed through the Living Bread of God’s Word.
I am saddened this month that only one person was nominated for the 2010 Bible Path Award. This person has been a tremendous influence on many, many people that I know. But this person is not the only one. Whether it is in a classroom, a sanctuary, a living room, or sitting at a table in the restaurant, there are people who have blessed me with their passion for God’s Word. Freely they have received and freely they have given to me! (Matthew 10:8) I wish I could nominate them all!
As we look at the modern Church, how many members are active? What is the percentage of those who attend worship once per week and those who do that and also attend a weekly Bible study? And how many encourage and mentor a ‘younger’ Believer? (And thousands of dollars are spent on surveys and studies to determine why the Church is declining!) All these things are vital to producing strong, deep roots in God’s vineyard. When will we learn to take the hard look at our life and set the priorities as God directs instead of allowing ourselves to be tossed about on the world’s sea? When will we live a real life example for our children and their children?
Take a moment and give thanks for those who have sown into your life, helping your to grow in your spiritual life. Maybe the Lord will speak to your spirit to send an email or card or pick up the phone and encourage this person who has given so freely to strengthen your feeble limbs.
Thank You, Lord, for these people in my life. Thank You for sending them with Your message. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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