Heartland Hispana, Irving, TX

Pastors Drisana and Eliecer Munoz
Eliecer and Drisana Munoz currently live in Euless, Texas where they both pastor Heartland Hispana in Irving, TX.  Heartland Hispana is the Spanish Church from Heartland World Ministries Church, led by Pastors Steve and Jeri Hill.  Eliecer was born and raised in Miami, Florida with his family roots in Cuban. Drisana Munoz was born and raised in Chicago, IL; her roots are Puerto Rican. They both are bi-lingual and have a heart for the Latino Community. God called them both at a young age to ministry and both attended Bible college. While in Bible college, Eliecer and Drisana met and established a relationship. They have now been married for 9 years and have 2 wonderful children, Julissa,who is 7-years-old and Joshua, who is 2-years-old. Together as a family, they love the Lord and desire to serve Him more and more everyday; passionate about The Salvation of Souls!
BSP: How did this ministry come about?
Senior Pastors Jeri and Steve Hill

D & E Munoz: We started to network with Spanish families in our home church, Heartland World Ministries, 6 years ago. Pastor Steve Hill and his wife, Jeri Hill, have a passion for the Latin community and so we, (Pastor Eli and Dee Munoz) started the Spanish Church as a mission of HWMC. Heartland Hispana is now a full-functioning church with different ministries for the entire family while preaching a non-compromising message of the Gospel as we reach out to souls.

Let the little children come
BSP: What is the mission of your fellowship?
D & E Munoz: Our mission at Heartland Hispana is to be a lighthouse in the Metroplex with the following; Worship, Reach Out, Build Relationships, Train, Send.
BSP: What, if any, differences would we find within this fellowship vs. an English-speaking, stereotypical church?
D & E Munoz: One of the great aspects of Heartland Hispana is the diversity in culture. It is awesome to worship the same God surrounded by men and women from different Latin American countries. We all speak the same language, which is Spanish, but we all have different cultural backgrounds.
BSP: What is the vision that God has given to you, as pastors, for this fellowship?
D & E Munoz: Our vision and desire is to see God’s love , power and glory be manifested in the hearts of our people, in such a way that they will rise up to experience all that God has for them.

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