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Liking jumping into a swimming pool on a hot summer’s day (you know it’s going to be cold), you take a deep breath and in you go. That’s my sentiments as I embark with you on a journey to sincerely try to grasp living under Christ’s “archy.” I really believe it’s only been in the last 6 or 7 years of my 43 on this earth that I’m even beginning to catch a glimpse of the life God calls his own to live.
My life began to turn when the Word of God was applied in my life. Literally reading the Bible changed my life (as it will anyone’s) because it is a supernatural book. I realized I had been climbing the ladder to success and when I reached the top and a six-figure salary, I realized the ladder was leaning against the wrong wall! I had an attitude that compartmentalized Jesus Christ to a corner of my life. I had him kind of life “Hell insurance.” I thought he was the boss of my life, but truthfully, he wasn’t. I was. I had him in the passenger seat and I’d lean over when I needed him from time to time and ask him to take the wheel. Truth is…I needed to get out of the car of my life and get into the trunk. Truth is…that’s where Jesus was the majority of the time…in the trunk.
Making Jesus Lord is the essence of this site in my estimation. Barna Research tells us 84% of Americans profess to be Christians. If you believe that, I’ve got some real nice swamp land in Florida I’d like to sell you. Interestingly, only 31% of Americans attend church regularly. That’s a 53% disconnect. That’s the issue! The problem is that most American Christians are living under the “archy” of the prince and power of the air and the god of this age (2 Cor. 4:4), Satan.
I don’t have all the answers. In fact, I have almost none, except for the Word of God. If we ever get serious about Jesus Christ, then we’ll get serious about living under the guidance and direction of Scripture. To say that we love Jesus and yet neglect His Word and fill our lives with garbage from TV, movies and music that are filled with all that is the antithesis of Christianity is to be living a lie. How do I know? Because, I lived that lie for many years. I chronicle this struggle on my blog.
In fact, I taught a Sunday School class and watched Rated-R movies. I sung in a Christian singing group and yet, I put it ahead of my on family because of my ego. Yet, I became captivated by Ephesians 5. Paul through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit told the church at Ephesus not to allow even a hint of sexual immorality in their lives. That passage teaches us not to pander around the pool of coarse joking and foolish talk and foul things, but instead to be holy. That’s right…HOLY. Wow! Holy? Yes. Jesus said, those that had a hunger and thirst for righteousness would be filled.
I changed. Why? Because the Word of God flipped the switch in my life. I realized I must be a “living-dead man.” That’s what Paul told the church at Rome to be in Romans 12:1-2. A “living sacrifice” is what we are to be in Christ. That’s what’s acceptable as my act of worship as a believer. That’s living under Christ’s “archy.” I must be willing to die to myself. Jesus bought me “at a price” and so my life is no longer mine…it’s his. I am to be transformed by the renewing of my mind. The only way the human mind can be transformed is via the Word of God. Then and only then will I be able to live and know the will of God.
Simple. Yes and no. Simple to grasp, but hard to live. Want to join me in this struggle…in this daily battle of taking up our cross? It’s hard…but, oh…it’s so exciting! Come along for the ride… Living under Christ’s “archy,” well now…that’s really living!

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