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Advent question of the day

We at EDN are in a period of reflection and contemplation for these important seasons of Advent and Christmas. Over the next few weeks, our attention will be on raising certain questions that we invite you to comment on.  We will return to our series probing controversial questions on January 4th.

According to the Gospel of John, Jesus is the light that is coming into the world. Where it shines, darkness (evil) is revealed and overcome.

TODAY’S QUESTION: What aspect of human life are you waiting/working most for in which Jesus needs to be revealed more fully?

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  1. What I am wanting is, I know, something I share with all humanity. Although I do not know that I am working toward this goal, I must say that I am longing for it. That is, for evil to have an end. Maybe that is the reason we ask the question of our God, “How long, Oh Lord, How long? How, with an all wise, all good and all powerful God, can evil exist; and further, how has evil existed so long? One thing I have come to realize is that we have no true idea of the deception of sin. This deception must be fully exposed to all reasonable creatures of free will, or there would be no guarantee that evil would not
    rise again.
    I said the above to say this. We know that “Satan is come down with great wrath, knowing he hath but a short time.” This tells us that Satan’s time will end, being temporary, and God’s day will come, and it will be eternal! How will God make an end of evil? It is what you said below from the gospel of John, that “Christ is the Light,” that prompted me to write this. How will evil have an end? As gently as the rising sun banishes the darkness of night each morning. As easily as the light drives out the darkness from a room. Where did the darkness go? Satan’s kingdom is like that.
    Deception has no substance. Truth will replace error, pleasure will replace pain, joy will replace sorrow, health will replace sickness, life will replace death, “beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, and the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.” Memories of evil will be blotted out in the glory of goodness.
    Those to whom the light of the incarnated God has been revealed here on this earth have tasted of this mighty power of good. The Light shone in, the Light shines in, and darkness was and is gone. “Heaven came down, and glory floods my soul.” Then this Light in us becomes through us the Light of the world.
    Here is another bit from the Cantata, “O Glorious Night,” by John W. Peterson, that I love so much.
    All the world rejoices in the love and light
    That has reached its darkest corners, made them bright….
    Heaven touched the world with light!

    1. Betty Rae,
      What a beautiful post. Thank you. I like the way you described the rising sun banishing the darkness of night each morning as the way evil will end and God’s day will come. Really good writing and inspiring thoughts. And we won’t even remember the evil! Wow!

  2. The area God has me working in to reveal Jesus more fully is waking up the Church to realize the importance of our Jewish roots. Jesus was named Yeshua, which means “salvation,” because His mission was to save us from our sins. We have a Bible written by all Jewish authors except Luke. The apostles and the early church (for the first ten years) were all Jewish. Yeshua himself said, “Salvation is of the Jews.” Paul explains in Romans 11 that we Gentiles are WILD branches grafted into a JEWISH olive tree. I could go on and on, but I wrote two books you can read. Ha! Because we don’t honor the Jewish people nor the nation of Israel, the Church has set itself against God’s purposes, especially in the end times. However, many Christians are discovering their Jewish roots and understanding Scripture and their Jewish Savior more fully! I feel that God has called me to help shed light on our Jewish roots, so we can prepare the way of the Lord back to Jerusalem as the King of the Jews and the King of kings and Lord of Lords over all the earth!
    P.S. Ignoring the Jews and Israel is a form of “cursing” them, and you know what God said about that in Genesis 12:1-3. They are the “apple of God’s eye,” and one day nations and individuals will have to give an account of how they have treated the Jews.

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