How the Energion Discussion Network Will Change

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… and how it will stay the same!
We’ve been working on some new ideas for this site, and they will start rolling out this week. The shortest possible description of this change is that we’re trying to gather all discussion on this blog, whether it involves our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+), our other blogs, or author blogs and their social media.
If you want to discuss faith, subscribe to this blog!
We will continue to have serious posts on issues of faith and society from our various authors. This week we will post essays from authors Bruce Epperly, Herold Weiss, and Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. We will continue to post two to three essays per week, rather than the six to seven we have been posting.
Does that mean we will have less material here?
Not at all.
We’re going to be following our combined feed of author blogs and highlighting key entries for you. These will be the ones we consider the most challenging and likely to provoke serious discussion. We don’t know how many we’ll post per week, as that will depend on what we see in the feed.
We’ll be posting our YouTube videos here and inviting discussion. The Tuesday Night Hangout, which will be 30 minutes rather than an hour, will appear on Wednesday mornings; my Thursday night Bible study will appear here on Friday morning, and Global Christian Perspectives, co-hosted by Chris Eyre and Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. will be posted each Saturday.
We have plans for each of these sources for the next few months, so please subscribe and join the discussion! (For news about book releases, sales, and other events at Energion Publications, follow our Energion News blog.)

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