Robert Martin: Homecoming — A Story

Recently, Energion author Robert Martin [The Caregiver’s Beatitudes] gave this review of Jude Lee‘s new book, House Calls with Jesus: Stories of Redemptive Love:
In this world, there are few sacred spaces left. However, the space around and surrounding the severely ill and dying is one such space. There is something holy and special that happens when one enters a hospice room, or an ICU, or the bedroom chamber of a terminally ill person. We approach in silence, in reverence, sometimes in fear. For many of us, it is difficult to navigate this space and to know what should be said, what needs to be said, and when to simply be silent and let the space dictate the response.
On his own blog, Abnormal Anabaptist, Martin shares a personal story that can bring a picture of hope and peace. Take five minutes to read Homecoming – A Story by Robert Martin.

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