Inspiration of Scripture: Meaning What?
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Inspiration of Scripture: Meaning What?

by Edward W. H. Vick l. Theory and Fact The incentive for constructing theories of inspiration is to provide a basis for asserting the authority of the Bible. The Bible, so the argument goes, has authority because it is inspired, and it is inspired in the way the theory of inspiration accounts for it. Since…

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Has the multiplicity of interpretations made the Bible incomprehensible? —YES

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is part of our series on controversial questions. A NO post will normally follow a YES post. Join in by posting your comments.] by Steve Kindle For those of us in the West, once the Roman Catholic Church lost its hegemonic hold on the content of the faith, it’s become “every…

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How is the Bible authoritative?

by Edward W. H. Vick  The question is:   How to explain that the Bible has authority? That the Bible is unique is not the question. But why is it unique? Ask different people and you will get different answers, for different people read the Bible for different reasons, approaching it in different ways according…