Missions – What about It?

(Today’s post is from Pastor D. Kevin Brown. Pastor Brown is author of the book Rite of Passage, forthcoming from Energion Publications. He blogs at, you guessed it,  D Kevin Brown’s Blog.) Last year in the association in which the … Read More

Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?

(This question was brought to me recently, and I asked Energion author Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. to write a short response. Elgin is author of Evidence for the Bible, Christianity and Secularism, and Preserving Democracy. — Henry Neufeld) Some Christians believe … Read More

Does it Really Matter?

Note: This is cross-posted from the Energion Publications Announcements blog.  Only the first and fourth part of the series were corss-posted here.  Links to all four parts of the series are given in the introduction below. Pastor Patrick Badstibner is … Read More

Bible Study Paths April 2010 Issue Posted

The new April 2010 issue of Bible Study Paths has been posted.  This month we feature: Mission/Ministry:  World Prayr Editor’s Table:  Where is the Encouragement? Back Roads in God’s Kingdom Youth/Young Adults:  Erin McClelland (carried over from March) Bible Q … Read More

Grace Does a Body Good!

When I first got onto Twitter a few months ago I met a wonderful man of God, Patrick Badstibner, founder of World Prayr (on Twitter). At the time, World Prayr was mostly forwarding prayer requests via Twitter, so of course … Read More

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