Kent Ira Groff

Kent Ira Groff, APC is a pilgrim of East and West who loves to connect with fellow journeyers, learn from them, hear their stories, and experience a deeper purpose for life on this out-of-balance planet. After serving congregations for two decades, his retreat ministry now takes him to conference centers, campuses, congregations, prisons, and health-related institutions across the United States and abroad. He has a passion to connect with spiritual seekers and find common ground. His writings include: Facing East, Praying West: Poetic Reflections on the Spiritual Exercises, Writing Tides: Finding Grace and Growth through Writing, Active Spirituality: A Guide for Seekers and Ministers, The Soul of Tomorrow’s Church: Weaving Spiritual Practices in Ministry Together, Journeymen: A Spiritual Guide for Men (and for Women Who Want to Understand Them), and What Would I Believe If I Didn’t Believe Anything? — A Handbook for Spiritual Orphans.

Author web site: Oasis Ministries

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