Dr. Dolly’s SELFSHAPES™ – Polygon

Because you have chosen a Polygon, your dominant SELFSHAPE in Dr. Dolly’s SELFSHAPE™ categorization system is likely a POLYGON, or GONs as they are called in PERFECTLY SQUARE, the little book that started all this. GONs are flexibly multi-sided shapes, ranging from the most common five, six, or eight sides on up. Possibly way on up, as in beehives and other miracles of nature. Thus GON SELFSHAPES™ are the most complex, most variable, and the most open to connecting with others both like and extremely different from themselves. Gons tend to be people-people, superb networkers, coordinators, strategic and creative planners, whatever the field or subject. They are often outstanding integrative and multifaceted thinkers but may have some problems with focus and limitations and with spending time alone. They like action and interaction, so thrive as event planners.

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