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  • Introductory Phone Consults with Dr. Dolly A Berthelot


    Would you like a live introductory phone consult appointment of 15 minutes to an hour with Dr. Dolly about your group or individual oral communication; or your memoir, life writing or any other writing issue? Dr. Dolly A. Berthelot is an author, private communication consultant and writing coach; former communication and writing professor, newspaper, magazine…

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    Insights Toward Interdependence

    Evolving Mystical Humanist UU
    A Memoir of Head, Heart, and Soul

    An ethical/spiritual journey leading from life as a devout Catholic girl from a Louisiana mill town to a mystical humanist Unitarian Universalist. Connects life experiences with intellectual, spiritual, and ethical growth.

  • PERFECTLY SQUARE: A Fantasy Fable for All Ages


    This amusing little multigenerational storybook uses geometric shape characters and colorful art to deal with timely, yet timeless, human issues: diversity, change, creativity, and teamwork. Squareland enjoys a simple, uniform, conflict-free life of “perfect squares”—until expectations are stunningly upended by change.  Suddenly Squares must deal with foreign creatures: Triangles, Rectangles, Circles, Ellipses, Parallelograms, Trapezoids, “Gons,” and…