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Author: Dolly Haik-Adams Berthelot

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Would you like a live introductory phone consult appointment of 15 minutes to an hour with Dr. Dolly about your group or individual oral communication; or your memoir, life writing or any other writing issue?

Dr. Dolly A. Berthelot is an author, private communication consultant and writing coach; former communication and writing professor, newspaper, magazine writer and editor, and national seminar leader now working with clients only by phone, email, texts, or online.

You may purchase this new get-acquainted opportunity for $40-$120, and pursue further consultation and/or writing and editing services only if, at the end of this initial phone consult, you mutually agree to proceed together. There is no further obligation. Subsequent consultation, if mutually decided upon, may last one hour to a year or more. Rarely, Dr. Dolly may see special clients in her Pensacola Bayfront Condo for in-person appointments prearranged after initial sessions.

To purchase an initial phone session of 15 minutes-1 hour, choose your desired duration above and add this to your cart. You can pay by credit card on checkout.

To see some of Dr. Dolly’s work and to learn more about Mine Your Memories, you can read articles in her Mine Your Memories monthly internet series.

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