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  • The Battle for Eternity


    The War for Souls Circa: Now

    Spiritual warfare and the life of the Christian believer and the Christian community today. Building on a variety of scriptures, but with a concentration in the messages to the seven churches, this book covers the ground of Christian issues today.

  • Life in the Spirit


    The Beatitudes, as they have been later known, are the guiding path set before every disciple of Jesus Christ, since the beginning of His ministry. Jesus demonstrated each one in everyday life experiences. However, He also made known to the disciples that it is the Spirit of God that guides the true Believer into a…

  • The Devil Is in the Details


    “There are many countries today where Christians endure persecution on a massive scale. Are we as children of God called to stand and be proactive? Are we not to be involved until we are backed into a corner? Then, are we to be always reactive, never on the offensive but always on the defensive? Are…