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The Devil Is in the Details



Author: J. Hamilton Weston

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“There are many countries today where Christians endure persecution on a massive scale. Are we as children of God called to stand and be proactive? Are we not to be involved until we are backed into a corner? Then, are we to be always reactive, never on the offensive but always on the defensive? Are we to look the other way and allow the adversary to make a foothold in the world? How do you understand the Christian life and why? These are questions that need to be considered when truly evaluating your spiritual health. Do you look forward to your time with the Lord or does it become a drudgery or obligation?”

— J. Hamilton Weston

Rev. Weston challenges himself and us to acknowledge the “detail” inertia (and others) which has left us in the Church gliding through this life instead of reporting for duty as a member of God’s Army. Let us get up and be the servants He has called us to be and fulfill our mission in God’s Kingdom!


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