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    Crossing the Street (2nd Edition)


    The rift between Protestants and Roman Catholics continues to separate Christians from one another and to diminish our witness in the world. Words such as “heretic,” “apostate,” “idolater,” and “papist” have characterized much of the discussion over the last several centuries since the reformation. While changes in both groups over the last few decades have…

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    Daniel and God’s Sovereignty


    Especially in troubled times, what does it mean to say that God is in control?

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    Doing Apologetics


    Christian apologetics suffers from a reputation for loud arguments, canned answers, and a fascination with technical details. Some Christians avoid apologetics because they are either concerned about offending people, or because they are afraid they will be unable to answer technical questions. These concerns and fears are unnecessary. Elgin Hushbeck, Jr., unapologetic Christian apologist points…

  • Ephesians: A Participatory Study Guide


    Following the outlines of the Participatory Study Method, Dr. Robert Cornwall presents a study guide to the book of Ephesians that is both usable and challenging while not skirting the difficult issues. These eight lessons take you through the letter leading from the history and background to modern application and sharing in corporate study and…

  • Faith and Reason


    Consider Christianity Series, Volume 3 What is faith and how does it differ from belief? How do people disagree, and why do people disagree? In particular, how does one make decisions about faith? Does reason enter into the discussion at all? Elgin Hushbeck, Jr., author of two previous books in the Consider Christianity series, Evidence…

  • Faith in a Time of Pandemic


    A brief guide to responding faithfully in a time of fear such as the current (2020) pandemic.

  • Faith Never Stands Alone


    How to Develop a Full Faith as a Bedrock for Life

  • Bruce Epperly on Faith, Hope, and Love in a Time of Crisis

    Faith, Hope, and Love in Crisis Package


    What could be more helpful in a time of crisis than to think about faith, hope, and love, and apply them to living? This package includes three books (paperback edition) by Dr. Bruce Epperly written in a time of pandemic, but also valuable for thinking about life in any time of crisis. The retail price…

  • Family Secrets – Divine Destinies


    What would it look like if the expression “God-incidence” was embodied in a novel? It might well be titled Family Secrets. In this fast-paced novel combining romance, intrigue, adventure, and yes, theology, Nancy Petrey brings to life the questions of God’s guidance, miracles, and the difficulties of standing as one of the faithful in a…

  • Family Secrets 2 – Double Destinies


    Two young couples pursue romance, fight evil, and seek God’s will in this fast-paced adventure/romance.

  • Family Secrets 3 – Prophetic Destinies


    Two young couples pursue romance, fight evil, and seek God’s will in this fast-paced adventure/romance.

  • Finding Stability in Uncertain Times


    Subtitle: Some Things That Hold Firm When Everything Seems To Be Falling Apart What should you do when everything seems to be shifting and you can’t find solid ground? Some try to pretend the shifting things are truly solid. Some cling to things that cannot provide security. In this practical book, author and pastor Ronald…