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Faith and Reason



Author: Elgin Hushbeck, Jr.

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Consider Christianity Series, Volume 3

What is faith and how does it differ from belief? How do people disagree, and why do people disagree? In particular, how does one make decisions about faith? Does reason enter into the discussion at all?

Elgin Hushbeck, Jr., author of two previous books in the Consider Christianity series, Evidence for the Bible and Christianity and Secularism, is very much concerned with these questions. After all, how can you conclude that the Bible is reliable or that Christianity is valid without discussing how it is that these questions are to be answered.

In Faith and Reason, Hushbeck continues what is both a long-term study and a journey of faith. This combination is particularly powerful, because he is discussing issues which have concerned him and others, and is speaking of something he has experienced. He is extraordinarily well-qualified to examine these issues in detail.

Unlike the first two volumes in the series, this book is directed more at a Christian audience. It calls for Christians to consider the “why” of their faith and to prepare to both consider and express. Amongst the many important topics covered are the definitions of “faith” and “reason,” the nature of evidence, critical thinking, logical fallacies, how critical thinking impacts Bible study, and finally what constitutes a living faith.

This book will be a powerful tool for Christians who want to think more clearly about their faith, but can be valuable for anyone interested in epistemology, especially in comparative religion.


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