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  • Consider Christianity Volume 1 Study Guide

    Preview / Retailers This study guide is designed to accompany Consider Christianity, Volume 1: Evidence for the Bible. It will help you, your small group, or our church congregation prepare themselves to give an answer for the hope that is … Read More
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  • Doing Apologetics

    Preview / Retailers Christian apologetics suffers from a reputation for loud arguments, canned answers, and a fascination with technical details. Some Christians avoid apologetics because they are either concerned about offending people, or because they are afraid they will be … Read More
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  • A Short Critique of Climate Change (Direct)

    Preview / Retailers Climate Change has become a major topic of debate in today’s politics, with some advocating serious changes in policy in response to it, and others suggesting that scientists and politicians are misreading, misrepresenting, and misapplying the data. … Read More
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  • Christianity and Secularism (Direct)

    Christianity and Secularism is the second volume in the Consider Christianity series, written by Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. It focuses on the evidences for the Christian faith and the conflict between Christianity and secularism. Hushbeck believes that there is good evidence … Read More
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  • Christianity: The Basics (Direct)

    In Christianity: The Basics, Elgin Hushbeck presents the basic doctrines that have defined orthodox Christianity down through the ages, giving a basic defense for this core of the Christian Faith. He also addresses questions such as can we really know … Read More
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  • Evidence for the Bible (Direct)

    Preview/Retailers Christians rely on the Bible for information on both their most basic understanding of reality and in determining right and wrong in their decision making. But can you rely on the Bible? Evidence for the Bible is the first … Read More
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  • Preserving Democracy (Direct)

    Preview / Retailers New, Expanded, Paperback Edition Like an aging monument, democracy itself is crumbling. An ever increasing government threatens both freedom and a financial collapse. Judges are acting more like kings themselves than interpreters of the law Redisticting, voter … Read More
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  • To Love and Cherish

    Preview/Other Retailers Subtitle: Ephesians 5 and the Challenge of Christian Marriage There are few topics where good advice is more needed than that of Christian marriage. At the same time there are few topics about which the answers given are … Read More
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  • What Is Wrong with Social Justice

    Preview / Retailers What could possibly be wrong with social justice? We like justice. We are social beings. Should not our communities be just ones? Author Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. maintains that social justice is not justice. When we pursue social … Read More
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