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    I Want to Study the Bible


    How can I get started with Bible study? This booklet is a very short introductory guide for someone with little or no background in Bible study. It provides a basic approach taken from the participatory Bible study method that is the basis of the Participatory Study Series from Energion Publications. This booklet includes a list…

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    Seventh-Day Adventists and the Bible (Office Stock)

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    In debates about the authority of the Bible, people commonly argue that the Bible is inspired, even inerrant, and therefore that it has authority. Is this argument valid? Dr. Edward W. H. Vick argues that it is not, that authority does not derive from inspiration, and that terms like “inspiration” and “inerrancy” do not contribute…

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    The Power of Hope (Office Stock)

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    Reading Scripture through the Lens of Hope

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    What Is the Word of God?


    What is the Word of God? Is it the Bible? This pamphlet looks at the Word of God as used in scripture and Christian tradition to outline the various ways in which this term is used. It includes a discussion of how words spoken as God’s words become scripture. The FastTracts series is being developed…

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    From Inspiration to Understanding


    Dr. Edward W. H. Vick has a reputation for being abstract and detailed, and both of those qualities, along with thoroughness and comprehensiveness describe this book. I’m the author of When People Speak for God, a book on the same topic written for a much more general audience, and if this book had been published before mine, I would have doubtless had a hundred footnotes to Dr. Vick’s work.

    This book isn’t for everyone. It’s for the serious student. If you don’t want to think seriously about how the Bible came to be, how God inspires, and what this means for our studies, by all means avoid this book. But if you want to thoroughly study those issues making full use of philosophy and systematic theology, this book is for you.

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    Healing Marks (Office Stock)

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    Did Jesus really heal people? Physically heal them? Is this healing ministry relevant today? Bruce Epperly calls Healing Marks a “very personal book” as it comes from over thirty years of experiencing the healing stories of Jesus. From his early years as a young college professor, he sought to make sense of the growing interest…

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    The Authorship of Hebrews: The Case for Paul (Office Stock)

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    Who wrote the book of Hebrews? Over the last few centuries, the authorship of the book of Hebrews has been a contentious topic, but lately, a strong scholarly consensus has emerged that Paul was not the author. There is, however, no similar consensus about who did author the book; the consensus is entirely negative. Nonetheless,…