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Halo and Hoverboard not Required


How to Develop a Fully Human Spirituality

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Expected Release Date: August 9, 2023

Author: Ron Higdon

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What do you need in order to become a truly spiritual person?

Many people believe the answer is that you need to have some accomplishments, or an especially spiritual nature, or perhaps theological training. Ron Higdon believes that you don’t need all those exciting things that lift you about the ordinary realm of this world. He believes you can be truly grounded and yet spiritual, and that the spiritual life starts with understanding the gospel and allowing God to work.

He starts his presentation by asking why we think we need these extra “things” or “qualities” to become a spiritual person. Then he looks at Jesus and the gospel message and applies this point by point to our lives and what will help us to avoid spiritual burn-out and unrealistic expectations of what we can do for ourselves. Our uniqueness as individual human beings is a key part of our spiritual heritage and our spiritual goals. God made us this way and loves us this way.

This book is grounded in the basics of Christian theology and deeply practical in bring the gospel to the trials and triumphs that face us in daily living. It is excellent for either individual reading and study or as a resource for small groups.


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