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A Leap of (inter)Faith


Finding treasures through shared practice



Author: Amber Mattingly

Author: Lisa Antoniotti (Ngawang Pema)

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How can a spiritual practice from one spiritual tradition be used wisely, respectfully, and effectively in another?

In this 46th volume in the Topical Line Drives series two authors, one ordained in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and one a Christian Church/Disciples of Christ minister combine their talents, their passion, and their desire to serve by looking at one practice from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and how it might be practiced by Christians.

They examine both the theoretical, theological, and religious aspects of responding positively to the possibilities in this sharing. At the same time, they are careful to respect one another’s faith traditions so that this sharing can be building and healing.

Books in this series are by nature short and to the point. This is an introduction. But it is a powerful and helpful introduction, one that may lead the reader into new adventures of faith and spiritual life.

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