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Allegheny Hideaway



Author: Kimberly Tanner Gordon

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Iris Elaine Picket lives in a beautiful home, with many servants, and a husband who sees her with the same respect he sees those household slaves. The loss of her child after yet another beating from her husband gives her the impetus to take her maidservant and flee South Carolina, leaving behind her parents, security, even her name and begin a new life in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania. Once again, author Kimberly Gordon, draws us into the lives of her fictional characters, connecting us in our contemporary lives with her imperfect people who struggle to make good choices, just like us. This story calls us to consider our own secret prejudices as Iris evolves from her childhood beliefs to the truths that she recognizes as she finds friends in those who were once thought of as slaves. Mrs. Gordon writes unapologetically from her Christian beliefs but avoids the distraction of preaching and, instead, offers her characters who are learning from the witness of others and their own time of prayer with God.


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