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Building Bridges in a World of Crumbling Connections


The Forgotten Calling That Belongs to All of Us


Author: Ron Higdon

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What can you do when you see bridges between people breaking down all around you? What should you do?

Dr. Ron Higdon has served many congregations and taught seminars over many years, helping people to learn to reach out to one another, learn to work together, and to resolve differences through dialog.

In this short, non-technical book, he calls on us all to take up the task of building bridges. This involves both a commitment of the heart, and actions in the world around us that tend to create peace. Peacemaking can be a dangerous profession, but Dr. Higdon sees it as a crucial part of Christian living and Christian ministry.

But this book goes beyond peacemaking, and presents strategies for bridge building and reconciliation in all of our relationships. It is about building community and understanding that is possible even in the midst of different perspectives and points of view on critical issues. The goal is to enable reconstruction and renewal of damaged connections that have resulted in distrust, suspicion, and isolation.

“Are you reconciled?” is perhaps the biggest question and the major challenge in many families, communities, and, certainly, in our nation. Our time calls for those who can bring us together and enable us to live with mutual respect and commitment to the common good.

The goal of this book is to present a prescription for building bridges of possibility. Anyone who would like to work toward that goal, will benefit from reading and studying it.

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