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Finding Stability in Uncertain Times



Author: Ron Higdon

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Preview this titleSubtitle: Some Things That Hold Firm When Everything Seems To Be Falling Apart

What should you do when everything seems to be shifting and you can’t find solid ground? Some try to pretend the shifting things are truly solid. Some cling to things that cannot provide security.

In this practical book, author and pastor Ronald Higdon suggests we find the really stable things and learn to handle and grow from the things that must change. He brings to this process a lifetime of experience and deep theological reflection. The result is a practical survival guide to living a faithful life in a changing world.

Some of the topics he addresses include continuing to learn throughout our lives, relationships, the manipulation of our lives by anger and fear, the reality of evil, and yes, the fact that change is inevitable no matter how hard we fight it.

Each chapter includes questions for further study and thought, making the book suitable for use in group study as well as for individual reading.

Finding Stability in Uncertain Times will be useful to all those who are struggling in their Christian walk. Who can say that they are living without any struggle?


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