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God’s Promise of Victory



Author: Iris Subel David

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Love. What was created to be so beautiful that words for centuries have been unable to encompass its many facets, has now become for many a twisted and painful symbol for many who have suffered abuse of any kind. And yet in spite of that pain, we continue to seek love’s beauty once again. This book is written by one who has passed through the flames of abuse, shame, guilt, and confusion. Only by God’s grace has she come out on the other side in victory. She was given the courage to look at her pain, identify, forgive, and live again as someone new and ready to live again. Within these pages may you also find hope, courage, and healing as you take those first steps toward your own victory. May you glean some wisdom that will give you strength for today as you follow the author’s own steps through the process of revelation. May you also find daily, practical new habits of thinking and living in real love for yourself and others.


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