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The Energy of Love: Reiki and Christian Healing



Author: Bruce Epperly


Today, we need to marshal all the healing resources at our disposal.

A growing body of evidence shows that spiritual healing practices have a positive impact, both on healing and on the quality of life that people experience while under medical care. Dr. Bruce Epperly calls on Christians to embrace these varied resources. He crosses both the boundaries between formal scientific medical practice and spiritual healing, and the boundaries between healing practices that come from a variety of spiritual and religious traditions. He then incorporates these into a distinctly Christian theology of healing practice. Where healing takes place, he sees God at work.

Healing characterized the ministry of Jesus, and Epperly believes that it should characterize the life and ministry of Christians in all times and places. This is a balanced call that doesn’t pit one tradition against another and also does not place spiritual healing practices in opposition to medical science. This is about embracing what heals.

Today, we need to marshal all the healing resources at our disposal.


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