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The Experiment Station (Office Stock)

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Author: Andy Garza

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Is it religious science fiction, fantasy, or a new perspective on life?

In an unimportant galaxy, orbiting a minor star, there’s a beautiful blue planet. On that planet there is something so dangerous that it is watched over by the guardians of death. Visitors are closely monitored so that no contamination can spread from that little planet to the rest of the universe.

But there’s trouble on this little world, as the guardians of death are using their trust and their authority to advance their own causes, and the very thing they are guarding is growing, reproducing itself, and looking for ways to get away from its place of confinement.

Should it be destroyed? Are the guardians to be subjected to fearsome punishment? Or is there something here that can be preserved?

More importantly, can it be safely preserved, or is it a threat to the many galaxies and their truly civilized inhabitants?

Join Andy Garza in experiencing this fascinating experiment in thought and story.

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