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The Gospel in Colossians



Author: Timothy Dwyer

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Preview and RetailersThe book of Colossians is often seen as standing apart from other letters attributed to Paul, even by those who affirm Paul as the author. Does Colossians relate the same story of the gospel message as Galatians and Romans?

In The Gospel in Colossians, Timothy Dwyer explains that the gospel message is found throughout Colossians in a clear, deep, and majestic form. Working from creation through covenantal history, to the kingdom of God in the present and future, he believes Paul develops an understanding of the gospel rooted in the supremacy, majesty, and greatness of Jesus Christ.

The 44th volume in the Topical Line Drives Series, this volume is a short, but powerful and comprehensive examination of the way in which this one letter presents the gospel and upholds Jesus as the one and only savior. One important feature of the book is the presentation of the relationship of concepts in a variety of texts that come together in forming the theology of Colossians.

This book will be of benefit to those serious about developing their understanding of biblical theology, for pastors preparing sermons from the text of Colossians, and for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of the foundation of the gospel message.


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