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The Forgotten Third

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Developing a Biblical Relationship with God the Holy Spirit


Author: Larry Dixon, Ph.D.

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For many Christians, the Holy Spirit is effectively unknown, part of the Trinity, but largely ignored. For others, the Spirit is something dangerous, a potential disruption in congregational life. Is it possible to have a biblically-based relationship with the Holy Spirit?

In this short, 70-page book, Dr. Larry Dixon presents a biblical perspective on the Holy Spirit, using extensive scripture references and developing in a systematic way how one can understand the Holy Spirit and relate to the Spirit. As you study these simple but profound lessons, you will find many ways in which you can approach the subject of the Holy Spirit and ways in which having a relationship with the Spirit will build you up spiritually and drive you deeper into the Word.

The Holy Spirit should not be seen to be in conflict with the written Word, but rather to be a teacher and a constant influence. God the Spirit is also personal, also God, and also worthy of our worship and our attention.

This book is suitable to use in a churchwide study or in small groups, with thought questions for each lesson. It is a quick tour, but not a shallow one. Be prepared for the challenge!

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