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Identifying Your Gifts and Service: Small Group Edition



Author: Henry E. Neufeld

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Spiritual gifts surveys are ubiquitous, but are they the best way to discover your gifts?

The original edition of Identifying Your Gifts and Service was a program for whole church congregations, led by a teacher, to discover their gifts and place of service. It was not a typical scientific survey designed to discover what kind of personality you have, what you feel like doing, or even what your talents are. While it contains a survey, the survey is much better suited to suggesting possibilities than identifying your gifts.

This Small Group Edition is designed for a group of people to study together. The lectures and study materials are provided in the various chapters. With the cooperation of your pastor and church leadership, you can identify your gifts and find your place of service in your church congregation. In going through this process you will be invited to shake off some of the walls and limitations you have placed on yourself and open yourself up to the full call that God has on your life.

Discovering and using your Spiritual Gifts is an adventure!


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