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Process Theology and the Revival We Need


A positive progressive response to revival movements.


Author: Bruce Epperly


“Revival” has not been a popular word in mainline and progressive circles, but as more and more progressive and open & relational theologians have become open to spiritual and mystical possibilities, interest has grown.

Bruce Epperly, who has previously tackled such controversial issues as angels, miracles, healing, and prayer, now takes on this challenging topic. With renewed discussion as the result of the Asbury Awakening and the release of the movie “Jesus Revolution,” his response to revival movements in the church is especially welcome.

Bruce has long been a prominent proponent of process theology for every church member, explaining some of the more difficult concepts in relatable terms for the people in the pews. In this book, he recognizes the need for revival, and asks what this should look like.

Too often “moves of the Spirit” die out as people find it difficult to see a way to live out the divine encounter they have experienced.

This book is addressed both to those hungry for more and to those who have felt the presence of the Divine in various ways and are asking how they can understand and live in the light of that they have experienced.


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