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Choosing Life


Why we should embrace ecological civilization, written from a process perspective


Author: Jay B. McDaniel

Author: John B. Cobb, Jr.

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Subtitle: Ecological Civilization as the World’s Best Hope

ISBN: 978-1-63199-565-1

How do our spiritual beliefs and practices link to our ethics and our care for the natural world around us?

John B. Cobb, Jr. and Jay McDaniel join together to provide a view of life that is refreshing, challenging, and expansive. It could even be called all-encompassing. Rather than looking just at how human life can be preserved, with the world itself and the universe beyond as a sort of backdrop, they look at life and divinity in all things and ask us to look for a way of life that affirms God’s presence everywhere.

As a result of such an affirmation, we may need to change not just our practices, but our very goals. We may need to allow our ambitions to be tempered by the needs of others, not just other human beings, but other living creatures, and all nature.

If you would like to develop and consider a world where humanity fits with the web of all life, if you would like to find a way of living non-destructively if you would like to find a God who suffers with you while working with you to heal and prevent suffering, this book is for you.


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