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Process Theology and Politics


How process theology can drive a new sense of ethics and community in our political relationships and programs.


Author: Bruce Epperly


Does process theology have something to say about political and social issues and our response to them?

In this short book, Bruce Epperly says that it has much to say, and can shape not just the ethics and policies of a better world, but also the way in which we debate and decide those policies. Process theology invites discussion and even guides us toward acceptable and positive community resolutions.

No major political issue of the western world is excluded from this discussion. From immigration to criminal justice, from abortion to reproductive health, from the environment to economic development, process thinking can help guide examination, shaping, and implementation of solutions for a troubled world.

This book is suitable for individual reading by anyone who wants to take a fresh look at policy from an open-minded, progressive or moderate point of view. It can also be helpful in group studies for those who want to study how to apply prophetic proclamation to daily living.


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