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Taking a Walk with Whitehead


Meditations with Process-Relational Theology

Process-relational theology meets day-to-day spiritual needs and encourages growth and wholeness.


Author: Bruce Epperly

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What do walking, meditation, prayer, and process-relational theology have to do with one another? In the view of theologian Bruce Epperly, much, in every way!

This delightful devotional book draws from the experience of decades as a pastor, but also from simply living the principles of process-relational theology. The first chapter title, “It Will Be Solved in the Walking,” sets the tone. Epperly continues to look at some of the simple things of life and find in them opportunities to hear Divine wisdom and to see new opportunities and energies released in your life.

“Religion without adventure is dead,” he says, and then presents spiritual adventure after spiritual adventure.

Each chapter grew out of reading and meditating on a quotation from Alfred North Whitehead. The reader is not only taking a walk with Whitehead, but also with the author as he presents how this particular quotation impacted his life and his ministry.

This is a devotional book designed to draw the reader into an experience of spiritual and theological adventure. It includes exercises that suggest how to grow from and beyond the meditations in the book. It is suitable for individual or small group reading and study.


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