Lost in Translation

The Power of Obedience

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Reading Scripture Through the Lens of Obedient Discipleship


Author: Deborah Roeger

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What does God require of you? Many Christians are asking this question, and looking for an answer that is biblically founded. You can find the answer in this book.

In her previous book, God Still Speaks, Deborah Roeger outlined a sound basis for hearing from God, discerning His voice, and following Him more closely as we develop the habit of listening. In this first volume of her series “Lost in Translation,” she studies biblical obedience. Rather than speaking of obedience as a list of duties, she presents it as a uniquely powerful way to live.

This book is rooted in the stories of Scripture, especially of the Old Testament. From those roots the study unfolds a practical, life-changing approach to discipleship based on finding God’s will and joyfully joining Him.

Each chapter provides a key verse and a number of scriptural examples to follow as we seek to become more effective disciples. We do this not to earn God’s favor, but to align with His will and to enjoy a life of peace and communion with the God who loves us.

The book contains well researched word studies which link the lessons with specific key words in Scripture. Each word study provides helpful insight into how that word is used biblically and how it informs our discipleship.

This book is intended for group study, but can also be read and studied individually. It is a resource for Christian education classes wanting to dig deeper into God’s Word presented in the Bible.

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