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The River of Life: Where Liberal and Conservative Christianity Meet



Author: Lee Harmon

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Are liberals who call themselves Christian truly Christian? Do liberal Christians care about the Bible? Why?

Twice before Lee Harmon has written about Christian topics, once on the gospel of John and once on the book of Revelation. Lee finds that both conservative and liberal Christians often have a dismissive attitude toward one another, and so he sets out not to propose a compromise, but to seek understanding. He writes as a liberal Christian, explaining what Jesus means to him and why he finds the Bible fascinating and even essential.

This is a book that expresses a vigorous spiritual view, but which does so for the purpose of inviting conversation and understanding. Perhaps those of us who are in different streams of Christian thought need to consider that others also have something to contribute, that their disagreements with us do not represent apostasy or heresy but rather their unique and valuable experience of God.

The River of Life is suitable for both individual reading and group study and discussion.


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