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Wonder Where All the Wonder Went?

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This book is about recapturing (or finding for the first time) some of the joys of existence.  It’s about learning to sing the Lord’s song in a strange time. It’s about finding that spark that brings your first thought on arising each morning: This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.


Author: Ron Higdon

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Preview this title“Just the facts.” “The numbers don’t lie.” “Get your beliefs right!” Can you have everything clearly laid out, knowing you are right, and still be missing out?

Ron Higdon takes a look at what drives awe and wonder in our lives and what we might be missing if we get lost in the data, or in the troubles of our time, or even in the tremendous variety of entertainment that is available. Overwhelmingly so! He treats the keeping of wonder in our lives as both a gift and an achievement, or perhaps as a gift that must be put to use. What attitudes are helpful? What attitudes are not? This book has ideas that will transform you if you allow them to.  It is practical and built on a life-time of experience as a pastor, a student, and as simply a human being.

This book will provide in great detail what it means to be able to see the wonders of life and the world through Kingdom glasses. It spells out the twenty-one basic principles of the Sermon on the Mount that will keep you seeing wonders in the ordinary and in the not so ordinary. It will transform the way you see and what you see. And, in the process, you may even find yourself transformed.

In this book you learn how to:

  •         Cultivate and maintain a mindset for wonder.
  •         Make a difference in your corner of the world.
  •         Live a life of self-reflection and awareness.
  •         Recognize the healing and liberating power of a sense of humor.
  •         Put on Kingdom glasses and see things you haven’t seen before.

It is designed for thoughtful individual study or for group discussion and activities.


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