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Wounded by Truth – Healed by Love



Author: David Cartwright

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Speak. Don’t speak. Proclaim your faith. A private faith. Be wise as serpents. Be innocent as doves. Yes, Jesus’ teachings can often be seen as an excellent example of a paradox. Author David Cartwright shares his life long study of the gospels from elementary school through seminary and as a pastor. … the question, “What would Jesus do?” goes back to a more basic one, “What did Jesus mean?” And that question further back to an even more basic one, “What did Jesus say?” What I can claim to have discerned from all this discussion is that it has made me dive deeper into my study of the New Testament, and at the same time gain a deeper appreciation for the variety and diversity of its authors. With that said, as primarily a “Sunday-in and Sunday-out” preacher, I have an ongoing commitment to the Canon as it has been preserved and transmitted to us. While there may be many different sounding teachings, there is finally only one Jesus who said them. – David Cartwright


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