Political Debate – Question #6

What is the value of profit as a motive for action in the marketplace and competition as a regulating force? Do you trust profit making organizations more than non-profit? Under what circumstances?

Watts: Topic 2 Reply 1 (The Budget)

The Question My first concern with my friend Elgin is that he is too filled with Conservative media’s information that he is unable to see the better times for the dour, an unfounded picture of what is actually taking place. … Read More

Elgin: Topic 2 Reply 1 (The Budget)

The Question While Watts and I both seem dissatisfied with the current budget process, I found his suggestions at best unrealistic. He suggests that budgets be done “several years in advance.”  Of course one of the current problems is that … Read More

Joel Watts: First Answer

Link to the Question What are the three most important actions that should be taken in this country to deal with violent crime in public places? The issue of violent crime is a social issue, so it must be handled … Read More