Dr. Dolly’s SELFSHAPES™ – Trapezoid

Because you have chosen a Trapezoid, your dominant SELFSHAPE in Dr. Dolly’s SELFSHAPE™ categorization system is likely a TRAPEZOID, perhaps one of the least known and least understood geometric shapes. Though four-sided, like the square and with paired parallel sides like the rectangle and parallelogram, one pair of the Trapezoid lines slant, either both inward or both outward, suggesting both introversion and extroversion. Imagine a circus elephant perching on a squatty trapezoid stand. If the lower part is wider, balance will be enhanced; if the lower part is narrower, yikes! Able to flip perspectives, TRAPEZOIDS make outstanding debate teachers, diplomats, mediators, and group facilitators, yet they can occasionally get off balance and put others off balance. They may be a bipolar type personality of contrasting extremes, though not necessarily clinically so. A TRAPEZOID may be both exceptionally fun to be around and yet exceptionally serious; a talented TRAPEZOID actor may excel at both comedy and tragedy.

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