Dr. Dolly’s SELFSHAPES™ – Triangle

Because you have chosen a Triangle, your dominant SELFSHAPE in Dr. Dolly’s SELFSHAPE™ categorization system is likely a TRIANGLE, the only three-sided shape, and the shape most distinguished by a sharp point, which can be used for good or ill. TRIANGLES are extraordinarily variable and one may be quite different from another. An equilateral, for example, with three equal sides, is inherently prescribed and rigid, stable and dependable, but rather inflexible, like the square. Suggesting a pyramid-like hierarchy, the equilateral form may well become a highly successful CEO, an outstanding leader of any kind, or a tyrant. Other triangles are infinitely variable, yet also cutting edge, potentially cut throat, and, as stated in PERFECTLY SQUARE, A Fantasy Fable for All Ages, “can pierce false assumptions, cut red tape, and point the way like no one else.” Visionaries, innovators, mavericks, entrepreneurs, and leaders of all kinds are likely to be (or at least contain) strong TRIANGLES. They may move the world forward, yet be a bit impatient with more rigid or less creative people and possibly have difficulty playing nice, even with some other TRIANGLES. Oh, but how they are needed to keep things fresh!

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