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World Prayr, founded in 2009, is a unique Global ministry team seeking out those who need mentoring, prayer and counseling coupled with foundational Biblical teachings.

The core of their message centers on helping others discover that there is far more to the gospel than a ticket to paradise. As it does this it works to provide resources to Christians and their communities in order to help them go deeper into the gospel.

By working to serve and serving to worship the team at World Prayr is working to be BIG kingdom minded, not little kingdom minded as they labor to provide; encouragement, prayer, training and teaching materials, translating books, electricity and other resources to Christian communities where they are.  Ohana is a keyword to the team at World Prayr as they believe this best describes the body of Christ. The culture of World Prayr reflects the meaning of this Hawaiian word in comprising of a team that crosses the lines of culture, race, denomination (while holding to the primaries), and age. 

Pat Badstibner serves as the President of World Prayr and the author of this book. Here are some quotes from others that speak to the work of this ministry.

“World Prayr is unique to any non-profit ministry I have encountered, it’s different in what it does and how it does it. In fact, I’m puzzled to know how they have made the impact that they have apart from God did it all! They have broken the mold of thinking you need to have money to do ministry. Yet, the impact of being self-supported is off the charts.”  – Todd Devaney, Executive Pastor, Fellowship Greenville a 2500 member church 

“I am so thankful for the personal investment in my life over the past two years. I will forever be changed in my understanding and application of the GOSPEL.” – Joe Franks, Horizon Church, Member of the Administrative Team for Calvary Presberty Upstate South Carolina 

“We are grateful for World Prayr helping us see the need and understand the application of going deeper in the gospel.” – David Lyles, Senior Elder and Teaching Pastor Connection Fellowship Church

“Thank you World Prayr for being here to take christians across the world with you to serve as one body of Christ. You have motivated me to do my ministry better. Through the fellowship of World Prayr, I have been given the opportunity of getting together with my brothers and sisters across the world and also get involved in the lives of those around me who are in need of christian fellowship, encouragement and prayers. With faith, World Prayr cares for the lives of those who are in emotional distress, hurt and broken. I bear the witness that Pastor Pat is a great teacher to our generation with the guidance, training, mentoring and preaching, he does to present His words to this nation to continue His mission and to make Jesus real in sinners’ life. God has commanded extra ordinary blessing upon him to preach His passionate love and the need of breaking the idols of money, hatred, discriminations, evil and worldly temptations to seek Him and His eternal love. I am blessed how God almighty puts his hands on our shoulders and brings all of us together to worship Him, praise Him and serve Him through serving His people. This is what World Prayr is doing, having fellowship with Christians to stay as one in Christ and praise Him. May God bless this awesome ministry in Christ more and more. AMEN!” – Shamsa Emmanuel, Pakistan Missionary Interpreter

“World Prayr gives me the opportunity to truly see that the gospel of Christ changes lives, which strengthens my heart. These past few years have been a great experience of growing among each other in Christ, and I’m grateful to be a part of it. Serving with fellow members spread from all around the world also reminds me of the beautiful truth that God unites people from all ends of the Earth for His glory. May we serve even more heartily, as for the Lord, not for men!” – Tommy Winarta – Indonesian missionary 

“World Prayr is a family. An ohana. Period. I treasure God’s marvelous favor to have been part of this amazing family since Jan 2015. It’s been a wonderful journey, having very loving brothers and sisters from around the four corners of this world. Bumping into World Prayr was really a God-ordained “accident” as I’d been groping around for a person/ people who teach and preach the message of grace. Not only did I find what I was looking for in World Prayr, I found something more that would hold my learning in place – a wonderful ohana. I truly thank my God for that, it’s always easier learning within the warmth of a caring family (jamii in my kiswahili here) World Prayr has been all that and more. I’m so grateful to Pat my “Gamaliel”. A wonderful teacher, of course not of Pharisees but of God’s grace, the good news of Jesus Christ, that say…..the work of Jesus Christ was sufficient in and of itself. Let me not forget that World Prayr enabled some dreams for me in ministry to come to pass as they provided the funds to rebuild our church and provide us with solar power when we had no electricity before.    – Joseph Koech, Kenya, pastor of two churches

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