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Making Prayer Journals in Hungary
Making Prayer Journals
Editor’s Table: Finding Answers in my Life
I have tried to put this piece on a back burner and let it come at a later edition – but it will not let me rest! Within my family we are wrestling with major decisions and freely admitting that we want God’s answer because we are clueless in our own reasoning. In my nursing job, I hear people ask co-workers for advice. They ask people who don’t know them and do not have the same value system. They ask them for answers to life-changing questions! How do I find answers in my life?
The Sunday School answer is: Ask Jesus. And that is the best answer. But how do I, a limited, mortal human know what my infinite God wants me to do?
I am convinced that we cannot be effective in the Kingdom without growth in our own lives through the disciplined study of God’s Word.” – Greg May (gregsfishinhole)
There are many verses of Scripture that use the word ‘seek’. Jesus said not to worry but that I should first look for God’s Kingdom and a right relationship with Him and “all”, meaning food, clothing, and all in my life would also come. (Matthew 6:25-34) It took me over 40 years of trying to make my way work better than His before I gave up and began living the “Seek God’s Kingdom First” life.
As a young, intelligent up-and-comer, I did buy into my parents’ philosophy that if I worked hard I would achieve my goals. My ambition became my god as I pushed to gain the attention of my boss and my peers to applaud my achievements and reward my successes with monetary bonuses and verbal flattery. How quickly those mouths and hands are silenced when their own ambitions must be fed – even fed the scraps of what is left as we all clawed our way to the same mythical ‘top’.
Not until I had seemingly lost important milestones – marriage, home, cars, prestige, and job – did I see God’s Kingdom and His answer to my cry, “Is that all there is?”
God’s answers to daily questions in my life can be found in His word and in His conversations in my life. God is not a drive-thru where I state my question or life situation and He responds with a ‘have it your way’ answer. A relationship with intimate conversation comes with the building of the relationship. There are no short cuts. If I only gave my marriage two hours of attention per week, the marriage would not last and be on in name only at best.
Finding God’s answers in my life is putting in the time, making the relationship more than ‘name only’. Bible study, prayer, personal and corporate worship builds an eternal relationship, a Bridge. God becomes my Comforter, Savior, Lover, and Best Friend as we spend time together walking through this life and into the next…never to be alone.
Note on picture: Mission trip to Hungary. Teaching Ukrainian orphans about prayer journals. Take your needs to God, write it down with a date, and watch Him answer your prayers!

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