Vacation with God

“Are you on vacation?” A million responses flew through my mind the first time I was asked while on a road trip for the Lord. The simple answer, “Why, yes. And what a great vacation it has been!”

Radio City Music Hall
Christmas at Radio City Music Hall
I never knew how important places were to God until the Holy Spirit started taking me to some really strange places! GPS? Unless you are talking about “God’s Positioning System”, you won’t find anything more than an interstate level map in the car and a Frommer’s book in the carry-on! The buildings and things He’s revealed in those places and the people who have been encountered–no travel agent can plan a better trip than Him! Availability, not ability, is the key to traveling with God. With Him as the pilot, you will go farther and longer than you ever dreamed. Remember lesson one: Loosen His Spirit wherever you go. Sometimes that’s all He needs someone to do.
In 2006, my daughter and I took our first trip to NYC and spent the week of Thanksgiving amongst millions of other travelers on the island of Manhattan. A decision was made to see and do all the “touristy” things in that large city, which included taking in some sort of show. My daughter, Lindsey, loves Christmas; so, I decided to take us to the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. While viewing that truly spectacular event, in the most amazingly-designed building, it became apparent that a form of the Gospel of Jesus Christ’s love was being told through a vehicle that any person could understand–seeds of truth were being planted in that building, through that show. Whoever wrote that play must have known Him. A gentle loosing of His spirit inside of a most beautiful place, over a truthful thing–He can handle the rest on His own.
Our tickets included a back-stage tour. We were able to walk through all parts of that building, seeing old things, hearing stories, seeing places that famous people had been–secular and Christian artists had/have/will perform inside one of the most interesting places I have ever had the privilege to pray in. No one else knew I was praying, nor did they need to–that’s one cool thing about prophetic intercession.
One of the last things we did in Radio City Music Hall was to meet one of the Rockettes. She was a beautiful and lovely young woman. It was this experience that helped me realize that God’s people are everywhere. We have no idea the prayers that go up to Him, from what place they go up, or the reasons or hearts behind them.
That trip taught the lesson that place, things, and people are the reasons that prophetic intercession is important to God. Carry Him with you and let Him go into everywhere place you go, and signs and wonders are sure to follow–whether WE see them or not. Knowing His heart and seeing things with His eyes can change the world. Try it the next time you’re out and about on your everyday errands or family vacation. After all, isn’t that where THE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD?

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