Renee Crosby: Author and Leader

Renee Crosby sharing her passion for Jesus at a recent book signing.
BSP: Soup Kitchen for the Soul begins as your testimony about how you found a closer relationship with God when you served at a local soup kitchen. What did you do at the soup kitchen?
RC: It began with my husband and me standing behind the glass serving partition and just spooning out food. My son, then 6-years-old, was standing at the front of the serving line greeting each person. We dropped in over the next two weeks and helped out.
BSP: How long had you been helping at the kitchen before you ‘got it’?
RC: It was almost 9 months. I remember standing at a work table, de-boning a turkey, listening to a woman tell her story. She had left home at 13 and was homeless for the next eight years. “Then I hit rock bottom,” she said. I thought, “What?!! Then you hit rock bottom?” She said she got involved in drugs and that is when she had no where to go but to God. Even though my life had been different than hers, I, too, had come to God when I “ had no where to go but to God”. I finally ‘got it’ that we all come to God the same – with nothing to offer Him in and of ourselves.
BSP: What is Christian Pep Rally?
RC: Christian Pep Rally, Inc. (CPR) is a non-profit ministry focused on encouraging Christian passion. We organize regional Christian conferences to show the world we are united, excited people for Christ! Through our regional all-denominational conference events we desire to be an instrument of the Holy Spirit to bring Christians and seekers together to worship, and inspire and motivate Christians to live a life aligned with Godly vision and focus.
At our events we also raise money for local charities and collect items for the communities. We do not want it to be just an event but the jump start of an initial community outreach or the encouragement for greater ongoing outreach of Christ’s love.
BSP: How did Christian Pep Rally come about?
RC: God gave me a vision to motivate the laity in a venue separate from inside the Church. That was in September 2009. We have had several regional conferences since then. Now after prayerful consideration, our Board of Directors has expanded our outreach to respond, not just in major conferences, but to say, “We will come to your church and share with 10 people or 50 people!” We want to ask the question, “Who is your coach?” It is not your pastor. He is the assistant coach. Jesus is the coach. He is the One who has the plays and brings us on to victory.
BSP: You and your family will soon be moving to Colorado. What is next for you there?
RC: Revival is next. It has been hard for me to see the end of this ‘season’ in Florida but God has faithfully given me a look into what can be if I am willing ‘to go’. I am praying that I stay ‘hungry’ and can pass that hunger on to others.

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