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World Prayr was a vision given to Pastor Patrick Badstibner that God has grown by His Spirit into an organization of people founded on the belief that the second greatest commandment Christ gave us was to “love your brother as yourself.” We show we are his followers, not by what we might term “religious acts” but by our love for one another.
There are many team members who contribute to the success of World Prayr’s mission – bloggers, ezine and online store managers, business managers, the senior council team, Pastor Pat’s council of twelve and the trustees. Many are laying the foundation and the building blocks for what will hopefully be a ministry organization that will serve long after the founders have gone to be with their beloved Savior.
BSP: What is the day-to-day mission of World Prayer?
World Prayr aggressively evangelizes the web providing online resources of encouragement, support, and prayer. It is also developing a network of believers in Christ that re-connect hurting people to local ministries and local bodies of believers, providing fellowship, support, and real answers; and treat them as family ought to be treated – nothing more nothing less.
As World Prayr began to take focus, one of the things that became obvious to its leaders was the tremendous disconnect of those online in these networks. As we watched, prayers came through our streams – the pain, hurt, despair, and feeling of loss was overwhelming. The physical, emotional, and spiritual needs were huge.
People are disconnected in a multitude of ways including some of the following:

  1. Need for a relationship with Christ
  2. Believers who need fellowship in the body of Christ
  3. Emotional pain
  4. Financial challenges
  5. Career changes and uncertainties

Too long has the body of Christ allowed itself to be divided by secondary issues, instead of making those outside the body envious to be in it. These divisions have made the body unattractive and have resulted in great chasms in the body of Christ.
It is within those chasms that World Prayr has chosen to work. It is our hope that in building connections and developing systems and methods to serve Christ that we will be able to work towards reconnecting those holes and letting the world know we are one.
BSP: What systems and methodologies is World Prayr developing and working on to put in place?
World Prayr is currently working on and developing the following systems to serve those hurts we see and help put feet on the many prayers we see.

  1. We are constantly at work developing a mission force using web technology to go into those sites where people are hurting
  2. We are working on developing an online a connection point in times of emotional difficulty; to offer real hope
  3. We are working on developing a connection point for support in budget management and career counseling
  4. We are looking at creating ways to generate multiple streams of income; helping those in need and financially hurting to create new ways of generating income
  5. We are making connections with other ministries and churches; we are working towards bridging that gap.
  6. We are giving of our resources, time, and knowledge to serve others. In doing so we are exhibiting to the World our passionate love for another.

BSP: How can someone who is reading this help “put feet to prayers”?
We are on a definitive mission to put feet on the hundreds of prayers we see. As such, to say we need prayer would be stating the obvious. We welcome people who would like to serve in World Prayer. There are many ways to volunteer. We are in constant need of support from financial to time to other gifts that we may not have identified but that God has laid on your heart. If you are looking to be part of a bridge uniting the body of Christ and want to be part of a global effort to help put feet on people’s prayers as well as pray for others, World Prayr needs you! Contact us at:
BSP: Let’s hear from three World Prayr members. Each was given this question: What does reconnecting a broken world mean to you and how does your answer and your role fit in with the mission of World Prayr?
Bob Kimball, CFO, World Prayr:
“We are all broken people as a result of sin inherited from Adam and practiced in our daily lives. Christ came to save us from our sin, but not only that, to sanctify us through his Spirit (2 Thessalonians 2:13). This can be termed the “restorative value of redemption.” In the words of John Donne, “no man is an island, entire of itself…” We are, or should be, connected to others and to Christ, but such bonds are severed by sin. Those of use who belong to Christ by faith and experiencing his sanctifying work, are called by Him to participate in His restorative work by bringing his message of salvation to others and healing the bonds broken by sin. We do this by helping others connect with a local body of believers where they can experience the human touch rather than virtually, and by helping fulfill needs under the right conditions.
My current role as CFO fits in with this by providing financial accountability, not just within the organization of World Prayr Inc, but helping those we come in contact with via World Prayr to be accountable to others.”
Pastor Bob Kimball became a follower of Christ in the summer of 1974. He graduated from a Bible College in 1981, was ordained, and worked at a Christian school for a year. He then went back for more schooling and received a Bachelors degree in Computer Science, married, and moved to Atlanta in 1989. He is a manager in the IT department at T-Mobile. He’s the father of special needs twins, which inspired his twitter name as @dadofspeckids. He has participated in music ministries in churches by singing in ensemble groups to lead worship.
Dora Perry, CPO and Network Coordinator, World Prayr:
“Reconnecting a broken world to me means to bring the hurting and the lost into the Light of Jesus. Revealing to them that there is a Savior who loves them unconditionally very much, and Who wants to forgive them of their past and give them an eternal future with Him. I am the person responsible for building that connection process. I look for ministries, churches, and organizations around the world that we can connect these precious lost sheep to that need Jesus in their lives.”
Dora Perry started in a stock brokerage in the cage at the age of 18 where she eventually advanced to Trade Controller. As a Broker/Owner of her own Real Estate Co. she was associated with a company that worked for several major banks completing Broker Price Opinions. She was ranked 1ST in Indiana and 5TH in the Nation in this area of her business. She a wife and a mother of seven. She has one granddaughter and a God-grandson. She is also a sponsor at Network Goodness, which is a company whose goal is to help end world hunger by feeding the starving children worldwide. A voice for the persecuted Christians and a prayer warrior.
Gary Patton, COO and Director of the World Prayr e-store:
“I think Paul said it best in Colossians 2:19 He has lost connection with the Head, from whom the whole body, supported and held together by its ligaments and sinews, grows as God causes it to grow”.
I, like so many people in this world today are struggling, not because of the physical world, God’s wonderful creation, but because of the spiritual ruler of this world, Satan.
Fortunately my Heavenly Father did not leave me to wander this modern day wilderness, he sent His people to lead me back to Him (note the word “back”). We are all His, always have been, it just takes someone or something to remind us of the love that God has for us….ALL OF US. I want to help remind people of this love and my position within World Prayr is both to assist and empower the people called by God to this Ministry to achieve His purpose.
I invite you to read Colossians 2 in it’s entirety and think of me whilst you do.
God loves you so much that He gave His only Son that we may be re-connected to Him.”

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  1. This is really a good overview of World Prayr and our mission in a new, wide-open mission field….the internet. I am blessed to have been involved with WP on facebook since just about 2months before the official fanpage launch, and it has, and continues to bless me without measure.
    The world-wide-web is, right now. an incredible place for we as disciples of Jesus Christ to fulfill the Great Commission in a way that is truly mind-blowing. None of us knows how long we will be able to use this platform freely and without censorship. We all have heard and realize that there is enormous and frightening evil that has gotten the first foot-hold here. We have such an opportunity to take a stand for Jesus Christ without fear of reprisal to reach out to each other as fellow believers and to support each other in our own countries. We also have the chance to give support to those who suffer, literally, in areas of this world where freedom of religion and the right to worship the one true God is NOT guaranteed, and in fact is punished. These Christ-followers who may have believed that they were forgotten or ignored by those of us who live in free societies can now be made aware that we are not leaving them without prayer, support and Christian love.And we who have never been faced with giving our lives rather than turn our backs on Jesus must face the reality that there are many who face this choice every day.
    We also have an unparalleled chance to reach every corner of the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the message of Salvation that was freely given to all who believe at the Cross of Calvary.What a fantastic chance we have been given!
    How long will we have this open door to reach the lost and dying with the Truth? How long will we be able to hold up one another’s arms as the battle becomes more fierce for all who believe? I don’t know. But I refuse to let this chance pass me by. I refuse to allow the Prince of the Power of the Air hijack another opportunity that I have to shout the Word of God and the miracle of Jesus’ completed sacrifice for me…and for everyone. Whosoever will may come! And they cannot come to Jesus if they have not heard!
    Thank you for the opportunity to join with you in spreading the Greatest Story ever Told.
    Janet Grace

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