If The Lord Can Use An *ss!

My name is Shauna Hyde and I have issues with obedience and allegiance. You see it’s been my experience that power is abused and authority is used to control, subject, and in general irritate other folks just it’s possible. It is difficult for me to place myself under anyone’s archy……but then I met Christ….as a person not as a religious idea. I quickly learned that Christ does not subject or control. Christ empowers us. He is the Master that leads, guides, protects, and teaches his students to be the best they can be. When I finally chose to be in Christ’s archy my life changed. I found myself doing things and being a person that I never believed I could do or be. My first Sunday in my first appointment as a minister, I found myself having to answer the question of how I could be a woman and a minster. The discussion went on for some time when a woman stood up and told us,”We need to think about this differently because if the Lord can use an *ss, He can surely use a woman!” What a way to describe an archy! I remember that day every time I believe there is something I cannot do because she is right-in Christ’s archy, there are infinite possibilities and hope for what seems impossible or not the way it should be. Christ empowers not subjects!
So I join this project in the hope that folks can understand that allegiance to Christ is not a horrific ordeal. It is not betraying spouse or country. It is not a prison term or a death sentence. It IS life changing and one commitment in life worth doing.
As we change and grow we can start to be more grace-filled and temper our actions, thoughts, and words with love. We will get to the point where we stop yelling at the politicians on TV calling them *ss’s (of course we good Christians would never do that…….) to saying, “Well, if the Lord can use an *ss……

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