Thy Kingdom

To continue with the life plan as provided in the Lord’s Prayer, we next look at the line, “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
For much of humanity, the concept of doing someone else’s will is repugnant. A deeper understanding and ability to not feel threatened at the notion of surrendering our will lies in the acceptance of God’s Kingdom being a present and tangible place. God’s kingdom is more than just a mysterious heaven full of gold and glory. God’s kingdom is here and now. We invite more of the kingdom when we invite God’s presence into our lives and live a lifestyle some have dubbed, “Kingdom Living.” This type of living entails living as God’s ambassadors in the here and now. We are to work daily to introduce God to others. We are gospel with skin on as Dr Sondra Wheeler says. We work to exemplify God’s grace and love in this world. We may struggle daily minute to minute to not do as we want but to do as God wants. Paul said it wonderfully in his writings when he bemoaned the fact that he did do as he didn’t want to and failed to do as he did want to do. This will ever be the struggle of humanity. This will ever be the victory of God’s grace.
God has invested in humanity and is not willing to lose us. God teaches us to live and encourages us to be more because God knows we can do more and be better.

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