Energion Authors React to the Health Care Ruling

Henry Neufeld, Energion Publications owner.
For the election season here in the U. S. A. we have put our political titles on sale. Look for savings in the neighborhood of 30% on four titles, Preserving Democracy, Faith in the Public Square, Christian Archy, and The Politics of Witness. (Note: To get the sale price, follow the link to Energion Direct.)
Energion Publications Political Books on Sale
All of the authors of these books have responded in some way to the decision by the supreme court. The differences in viewpoint illustrate the Energion approach to publication. They come from different points of view.
Elgin Hushbeck, Jr., author of Preserving Democracy, looks primarily at the constitutional aspects, rather than on the particular impact of the law in his post The Roberts Legacy.
Robert D. Cornwall, author of Faith in the Public Square, looks more at the impact of the law itself and to our duty as Christians in his post Health Care Reform, The Court, and Jesus!
Allan R. Bevere, author of The Politics of Witness, launches a three part series regarding the way in which Christians interact with politics. The first installment is Some Reflections on Health Care, Judicial Philosophy, and the Witness of the Church – Part I.
David Alan Black, author of Christian Archy, made a few comments and linked to another post. Because his blog doesn’t permit linking to individual articles, we link the copy of this item on The Jesus Paradigm.
Finally, I wrote something myself, not really about the health care decision, but it does reference it. So here’s my short story, Can Either of You Recommend a Church?

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