Two Energion Authors Examine the U. S. Election


Remember that our political titles are on sale until the election, including both Preserving Democracy and Faith in the Public Square.

Energion Publications books on politicsEnergion authors Robert D. Cornwall (a progressive) and Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. (a conservative) will be engaging in a blog discussion about issues related to the election.
Elgin is author of Energion title Preserving Democracy along with Evidence for the Bible and Christianity and Secularism. Bob is author of Faith in the Public Square along with Ephesians: A Participatory Study Guide and Ultimate Allegiance: The Subversive Nature of the Lord’s Prayer.
So how will this discussion work?
Each Saturday, beginning August 11, Energion owner Henry Neufeld will post a question for the coming week here on By Wednesday of the following week, both authors will post an answer to that question on their blogs. They will then each have an opportunity to respond to the other’s post. As a rule, they will be writing just one blog response to the other’s answer. I will post links to each entry here on
If you’re interested in a serious discussion of the issues, you can also publicize this discussion via your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.
This being the blogosphere, you’re naturally wondering how you can get involved. We couldn’t keep you away if we wanted to, and we don’t. Feel free to respond to the question on your own. You can post a link to your post in the comments or you can e-mail us the URL and I will link to you here as well.
You can comment on Elgin’s or Bob’s blogs or right here at Each blogger is fully responsible for moderating comments on his own blogs. Under the rules of you can also post comments here.
Watch here for the first question to be posted on August 11.

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