The Great Energion Political Roundtable

RoundtableNow that we have things moving with the roundtable, we need a central location where people can find links to everything involved. So this is that post.
1. What is the roundtable?
It’s a blog discussing between four Energion authors and one of our blog reviewers regarding politics, leading up to the U. S. presidential election, November 6, 2012. Each week, I will post a question here on Energion.net. The participants will write their responses and publish them between Monday and Wednesday. They can then interact as they wish.
Everyone is welcome to participate through comments, tweets, or your own blog posts. If you post answers to the questions on your blog, please track back, or provide a link in the comments. I will keep up with linking the main participants, but I won’t be able to keep up with everyone who may post on the roundtable.
2. Who are the participants?

The participants are balanced between left and right politically and all participants are Christians. It includes Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. It should provide us with a variety of responses to read, examine, and discuss.
Here are links to the questions and answers. This section will be expanded as the roundtable continues.
Question 1 / Question 1 Answers
Question 2 / Question 2 Answers
Question 3 / Question 3 Answers
Question 4 / Question 4 Answers
Question 5 / Question 5 Answers
Question 6 / Question 6 Answers
Question 7 / Question 7 Answers
Question 8 / Question 8 Answers
Finally, I am the one who frames the questions and keeps up with the various answers. I’m Henry Neufeld, owner/editor of Energion Publications.

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